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Hamza & David Hykes - Dusk Til Dawn EP : India House Music

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Postby 8DPromo on 20 Nov 2009 11:29

Hamza & David Hykes - Dusk Til Dawn EP : India House Music

Artist: Hamza and David Hykes
Title: Dusk Till Dawn EP
Label: Wind Horse Records
Catalog Number: WHR002


1. Dusk
2. Dusk (Tech Dub)
3. Dawn

To listen to previews of tracks from Hamza and David Hykes' Dusk Til Dawn EP click HERE.

Building on the overwhelming success of his debut Sufi Soul EP, New Delhi-based producer/DJ Hamza issues another massive house music release - the Dusk Till Dawn EP. For this special collection of tracks Hamza enlists the legendary vocal talent of David Hykes, a pioneer of the overtone-based chant tradition with twelve albums to his credit. Hykes is also the founder of The Harmonic Choir, since 1975 considered the world's pre-eminent overtone vocal ensemble.

Overtone singing is a mysterious technique which allows the singer to produce more than one musical note at once. The origins of this style can be traced to ancient traditions in the Altai/Tuvan/Mongolian region and has been related to the expression of transcendent states of consciousness. Bringing this ancient technique to modern dancefloors, Hamza's experience as a DJ and an accomplished electronic dance music producer has combined smoothly with David Hykes' eastern-inspired vocal work for a duo of contemplative house masterworks. "Dusk" and "Dawn" sit side-by-side on this EP as the impressive results of this collaboration.

In "Dusk", a driving tech-house rhythm peels away to reveal David Hykes' exotic, drifting vocal line. Once Hamza's beats and music return Hykes' voice melds with the dance-scape, becoming a perfectly subtle layer within the depth of the song. Eclectic percussion and a determined low-end further assure the track's place on the DJ's playlist. A Tech-Dub of "Dusk" shifts focus to a sparser rhythm which gives more space for Hykes' vocal magic to cut through the mix.

Hamza's collaboration takes a different direction with the understated "Dawn". Led by a crisp broken beat pattern and a rolling bassline, Hykes' overtone singing becomes more of an atmospheric flourish amongst the steady build. Muted key stabs and a high-end synth melody appear within the track, adding some lightness to an otherwise ominous mood. The tune effortlessly breezes through its ten minutes, making "Dawn" a potential highlight in an evening's DJ set.

The Dusk Till Dawn EP is the second offering from Wind Horse Records, a label started by Hamza Rahimtula to bring attention to the innovative house music sounds coming out of India. With this release Wind Horse Records and Hamza are set to bring new and evocative sounds to nightclubs worldwide while introducing new listeners to the immeasurable vocal talent of David Hykes. It's a fantastic effort, sure to help secure Hamza's place as one of the more ambitious house music producers working today.

Darin Epsilon (Perfecto) - "Dawn is my favorite of the three. Great bongo action, really paints some nice pictures in my head."
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - "I love Dusk. There's great depth and feel to this track. It's perfect for late nite plays and will rumble the speakers."
DJ Morpheus (Freezone/SSR) - "Wow, I love this release. Not only is it the newie from the guy who made 'Sufi Soul' but it's got David Hykes in there as well. I am a big fan of the Harmonic Choir! Top tracks, wonderful!"
Checkpoint Charlie (MyCuppaT Blog) - "Epic, epic tracks! Another superb package from Hamza. I loved Sufi Soul, and the tracks on Dusk Til Dawn are equally as brilliant. Dusk is wonderfully deep, a little techy and definitely rough around the edges. Spacey, new-age elements provide a futuristic foundation that's offset by the incredible overtone vocals of David Hykes. Beautifully deep."
Dj Nova (Rodon FM, Greece) - "Techy and exotic, deep and galactic. An outstanding house music sound with a world music sense."
Michael Fossati (Spirit Of House Blog) - "Captivating deep atmospheric vibes with truly unique vocals."
Richie Hartness (Untitled Music Podcast) - "Rugged tech tunes with a soft underbelly, atmospheric awesomeness!"
Jay U (Where's The Culture Radio) - "I love the dark keys mixed with those brilliant, ethereal vocals. Really stunning voice for an outstanding track."
Clint Maximus (The Edge Radio Show) - "Dusk has a great, great vibe and nice melodic feel. My ears like!"

Hamza's Dusk Till Dawn EP is now available for digital download from Beatport / Traxsource / Juno Download

Visit Hamza on Soundcloud:

For more information contact
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