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Russian Trolls’ Favorite Pundit? Joy Reid MSNBC

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Postby Wayne S. Noches on 22 Feb 2018 10:01

Russian Trolls’ Favorite Pundit? Joy Reid MSNBC

MSNBC Host Joy-Ann Reid Was Apparently Russian Trolls’ Favorite Pundit
According to an analysis of the raw data by Law&Crime, Joy-Ann Reid–recently and glowingly profiled as a heroine of the #Resistance by the New York Times–received some 267 total retweets by the private sector Russian troll brigade.

The next closest pundit favored by the Russian trolls was Sean Hannity–who received only a handful of their retweets during the 2016 election.

Was Reid aware of her Cyrillic-tinged media boosting? Did Reid herself receive payment for her Russian troll-favored work? Both circumstances are highly unlikely, but certainly worth exploring if the Russian links and interference are as serious as most liberals–Reid herself among them–contend. In any event, these questions are worth asking out loud.
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