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The business of fake online followers

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Postby JMT on 29 Jan 2018 11:30

The business of fake online followers

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Postby pod on 29 Jan 2018 15:05

Re: The business of fake online followers

retweeting accounts called Squirtamania and Porno Dan.


But seriously folks, it's a game a lot of people play whether they want to admit it or not. Unless your damn lucky or you are in a niche where having "only" a few hundred thousand followers is pretty good (i.e. cars, motocross, guns, hockey, gothic architecture, astrophotography, techno, etc...) then usually you have to play the bot game. Every so often, the social media networks do a flush and it's plainly evident as to who had a lot of bots. If I'm not mistaken, Justin Bieber lost like 20 percent of his followers after IG did a flush a few years ago. But for him it didn't matter since he still had millions of real Beliebers (what the fuck Chrome, you didn't flag that as a spelling error?) following him.

It's an acceptable loss, especially since the social media networks will not suspend mainstream celebrity accounts no matter what the offense is. You puff up an account that has the right look and feel for the "right" person, and real people glom onto it, and when the flush happens, you are still left with quite a few real followers.

Once in a blue moon the social media networks make a big show of "shutting down" some follower bot service or another, but there's always someone else waiting in the wings, probably with the underhanded complicity of the social networks themselves.
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