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JFK: Democrat or Republican?

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Postby Wayne S. Noches on 25 Jan 2018 17:53

JFK: Democrat or Republican?

John F. Kennedy lowered taxes, opposed abortion, supported gun rights, and believed in a strong military. And he was a proud Democrat. But would he be one today? Author and talk show host Larry Elder explains.

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Postby pod on 25 Jan 2018 18:19

Re: JFK: Democrat or Republican?

JFK would have never made it past the Democratic primaries had he run today.

Hit or miss on whether he'd gain any traction in today's Republican party either.

Today, he'd be center-right.

Unfortunately JFK being killed bolstered the momentum of the FDR acolytes. FDR wasn't really that good of a president. He said the right things and happened to be POTUS during a war. JFK could have saved the Democrats.
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Postby LeVeL on 26 Jan 2018 09:53

Re: JFK: Democrat or Republican?

LOL...the 60's were a different time. This is another Right-Wing spin.

These days Partisan Politics thrives and rules Congress. Did you guys forget about Citizens United? Congress using the filibuster more than ever before.

Shoot Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, George H. Bush, Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Dwight D. Eisenhower would have never been elected to run on the Republican ticket.
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Postby pod on 26 Jan 2018 10:24

Re: JFK: Democrat or Republican?

It's not spin really. It's a simple fact about JFK. He would not have made it past the primaries in today's Democratic Party.

And on the Republican side, Reagan would have never even been considered for the ticket.

Reagan's an interesting one. Today's Reps lionize him to no end, but yet, his behavior was very Democratic in some cases.

• Intervened often in private business affairs.

• Advocated for welfare, albeit in a limited sense.

• He did lower taxes, but he was a fan of taxation overall.

• Was very much about gun control. He restricted guns as Governor of California because how dare blacks exercise their Second Amendment rights. He did nothing to stop the Hughes Act which severely restricted automatic weapons nationwide. Also supported pointless cosmetic feature bans on firearms. But yet the NRA puts him up on a pedestal.

Reagan wasn't all that if you view it from a freedom perspective. He was a moderate in the political perspective.

Most of the "famous" Presidents of the past weren't really what history makes them out to be. Lincoln was racist. FDR wasn't much better than Hitler or Mussolini. Reagan was very authoritarian. Johnson was just plain shitty. Reagan wasn't all that, especially if you consider him from the plank of the Republican Party.

Oddly enough, JFK was more Reagan-esque than Reagan.

Maybe that's why he was killed - he showed the makings of being a decent President?

The funniest thing is, it's the "nobody" Presidents who really had something to offer. Take Calvin Coolidge for example: ... -coolidge/

(yes, the source might be biased, deal with it)

What was so great about him?
Coolidge truly was the President of “doing nothing”. He deregulated the market, he lowered the national debt and he was against intervention in the private sector. When Coolidge left office there was less debt than when he started his term.
He had a true conservative monetary policy and was an advocate for small government. Under his policy, the economic growth was so substantial that there was a huge budget surplus that led to lower taxes, a shrinking government and a bigger private sector.

Some of his policies included:
– Despite being born on a farm, he was against farm subsidies.
– He did support immigration, but was also in favor of controlled borders. He was not very popular among some minorities but had well-known support by the Irish. He wrote a letter to Congress criticizing the anti-Japanese immigration law.
– Coolidge vetoed many bills passed by Congress, and that’s why he didn’t make many new friends from any of the 2 chambers.
– It was his goal to cut government spending.
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Kaptain Kook
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