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Leftists bully 3rd wave feminist to commit suicide

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Postby JMT on 07 Dec 2017 21:42

Leftists bully 3rd wave feminist to commit suicide

Sickening. Ugly, vile progressives cyber-bully beautiful 3rd wave feminist exerting her right to sexual self-determination into suicide! They should all be arrested.

Adult film star August Ames, 23, is found dead of apparent suicide

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Postby pod on 07 Dec 2017 22:17

Re: Leftists bully 3rd wave feminist to commit suicide

Progressives rely on mob tactics and the power of the masses in order to stifle the individual and his or her rights. Talk to a prog, and note how they refer to things...


And when someone falls out of line, there's never an individual discussion. The troops are rallied, and the mob mentality begins. While yes, every political bent has it's own tendencies towards groupthink, the progressive movement, like the communists of old, has it down to a science. You're just a gear in the system, and what society wants supersedes what the individual wants. In this case, a girl chose to exercise her free will not to work with someone based on her individual beliefs, and because her beliefs didn't fit with what her prog acquaintances felt was correct, she was bullied and harassed for it, which contributed to her untimely death.

And the progressives won't care, since there's someone else that's more compliant to take her place in the system. Everyone is disposable in their worldview, even if they like to pretend everyone is an individual snowflake. Individual unless you go out of the generally fluid boundaries of progressive acceptability. Holidays with the family might be acceptable this week, but unacceptable the next. No one really knows.
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