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Soundproof Absorbing Panels

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Postby LeVeL on 30 Jun 2017 14:39

Soundproof Absorbing Panels

I have a JBL Cinema SB400 Wireless Soundbar and Subwoofer, which I have yet to crank high. I guess the bass from the Subwoofer hitting the wall has bothered my neighbors and he asked if I can keep it down.

I would like not to be a bother to my neighbors, but at the same time hear my music, movies at a decent volume level without bothering anyone.

Wanted to pose a question regarding Soundproof Panels? I don't have much experience utilizing Soundproof panels and wanted to ask if they work or are a they a scam.


My intention is to purchase Soundproof Absorbing Panels that can blend in my home similar to this.

Also should I seek Soundproof or Acoustic Insulation?
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Postby pod on 01 Jul 2017 08:32

Re: Soundproof Absorbing Panels

Get carpet, too. And yes, the panels generally work. The more you can dead the sound, the better. Also, consider the positioning of the sub. Bring it away from the wall a bit if possible.
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Postby JMT on 01 Jul 2017 09:55

Re: Soundproof Absorbing Panels

I had the same problem with a neighbor once. Bass was the problem, not highs. I don't think wall panels will do anything for bass. It travels along the floor. Best thing would be to move the woofer. Even that probably won't work unless it's off the floor. Then your only option is to turn it down, you young whippersnapper.
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Postby Kamen on 01 Jul 2017 11:44

Re: Soundproof Absorbing Panels

Do you own or rent?

how long do you plan to live there?

How much can you spend?

Was the place originally built as apartments or condos?

Apartment construction tends to have 5/8 inch drywall on one side of the common wall that's fire rated for one hour and 1/4 inch drywall on the other side which isn't fire rated with no insulation between the studs. Cheap to build with almost no sound deadening.

Can you hang drywall?

Often used to soundproof NYC apartments/condos and recording studios.
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