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Finally, an app that auto-pays your parking tickets!

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Postby jona7 on 02 May 2017 14:09

Finally, an app that auto-pays your parking tickets!

Hey y'all,

I just launched a new service that automagically pays for your parking tickets so you don't have to.
Just sign up with your license plate number + credit card and JINXD will automatically pay it the next time you receive a parking citation. We simply charge a small service fee on top of each ticket we process.

I would often forget to pay for these parking tickets and then they would spike up from $18 to $45!
So I created this...

Sign up here >>>

Would love everyones feedback. Appreciate it!
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Postby benm3 on 03 May 2017 00:41

Re: Finally, an app that auto-pays your parking tickets!

Just sharing a true story...

Went fishing off Purdy Ave this evening.

Came back to find a ticket on my car timestamped 5:49PM.

My parking set via the Parkmobile app expired at 5:48, but I had extended it another 15 minutes when I got an expiration warning notification.

I checked my activity log and I have a session ending at 5:48, and the next session starting at 5:48.

I will be calling to dispute this tomorrow, and showing up to court to contest it if it comes to that -- this is totally bullshit.

Curious to know what Jinxd would do if I was using the app and it had automatically paid the fine and I later found I was incorrectly given a ticket as I was today.

Are you using APIs available from the city, or are you web scraping? Just curious.

Valuable product feedback for free with a real life use-case and I'm not even a user yet ;)

When you pivot your app to have Jinxd try and automatically save you in paying a parking fine in it's entirety (instead of just late fees) by filing disputes on your users behalf, can you please give me credit? :mrgreen:
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Postby pod on 03 May 2017 05:23

Re: Finally, an app that auto-pays your parking tickets!

Helping the government collect money seems wrong somehow.

You're gonna be shit out of luck when parking spaces get privatized or automated vehicle technology does away with the idea of parking in front of a place you want to go entirely. Drop off, zip, bye. When you leave the car comes back to get you.
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