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Justice Dept: Miami Police used excessive force

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Postby slamminshaun on 09 Dec 2017 09:19

Re: Justice Dept: Miami Police used excessive force

Just when I thought the "innocent mistakes" couldn't get any worse, I saw this. Watch at your own risk.

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Now that you're done, consider that the officer was recently acquitted of any wrongdoing. Also, consider the kid himself was completely innocent of any crimes and was ordered to comply with instructions while having a gun pointed at him, and was killed when he didn't follow those instructions to the letter.

Bottom line, that cop clearly relished the opportunity to murder someone.
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Postby Wayne S. Noches on 09 Dec 2017 11:16

Re: Justice Dept: Miami Police used excessive force

Wayne S. Noches
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Postby pod on 09 Dec 2017 14:32

Re: Justice Dept: Miami Police used excessive force

Fucked up on so many levels. Even barring his conduct, the whole procedure was handled wrong.

He didn't wait for backup, which was like 15 seconds away. While in a firefight, 15 seconds could be the rest of your life, the situation was relatively static, and the suspect was compliant. A simple "Don't move..." would have held him there until other officers were in the hallway. Instead, this guy decides to light him up with his long gun. If the situation seems static, keep it that way. Don't give the guy an excuse to move. A simple "lay face down with your arms out" would have made this a routine handling of a drunk idiot.

Oh, and the "You're Fucked" dust cover? TPWLI = The Prosecution Will Love It!
Yeah in the end it was disregarded, but they still made a stink out of it. But hey, it's your service rifle, do what you want with it. I'm not your boss.
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Postby JMT on 10 Dec 2017 10:41

Re: Justice Dept: Miami Police used excessive force

Dog owner films police ordering him to CUT OFF HIS DOG'S HEAD with a knife after they shot it dead

Goodwin said later that he told officers that his dog had been vaccinated against rabies but the cops wouldn't let him leave the scene to get the paperwork.

Eventually Goodwin agreed and his girlfriend grabbed him a kitchen knife from the house.

He was then forced, as the cops watched on, to saw and hack away at his pet's neck with the small knife until he could remove his head.

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Postby JMT on 10 Dec 2017 10:47

Re: Justice Dept: Miami Police used excessive force

Cops Steal $91,800 From a Musician, Claiming He Gave It to Them

Pittsley walked a drug-sniffing dog around Parhamovich's minivan. "At first," the Institute for Justice says, "the dog seemed to find nothing interesting about the vehicle. Then, the trooper gestured with what appeared to be a hidden tennis ball, and the dog responded." The cops used that "alert" as an excuse to search the minivan, and eventually they found $91,800 inside a speaker cabinet. The cops were so excited by their discovery that they high-fived each other. The windfall also apparently made them forget that there was no trace of the drugs that Pittsley's dog supposedly had detected.
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Postby JMT on 02 Jan 2018 19:24

Re: Justice Dept: Miami Police used excessive force

Here's a Novel Idea: Hold Both Caller and Police Officer Responsible for Deadly 'Swatting'

That's right—they went straight to the well-worn "The officer thought he was reaching for a weapon" defense even though we all know by now that he was just some random guy. Finch's mom says the police never announced themselves. Finch had no way of knowing that he was in danger of getting shot. And yet police are instinctively trying to pin the mistake on Finch.

The Times notes that laws typically allow officers to shoot people when they "reasonably believe" they are in danger. This has created an environment where police officers are incentivized to exaggerate a sense of danger because it will allow them an excuse for mistakes and even for reckless behavior.

Livingston's responses to the shooting are very much a concern, because they don't suggest that he sees any sort of problems in the way his police responded to this call. In the Times piece, University of Kansas Law Professor Jean Phillips even suggests that Livingston's insistence on defending the cop could actually undermine efforts to hold Barriss responsible for Finch's death. If Finch's shooting is deemed "justifiable," what is the extent that Barress could be held criminally liable?
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