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The death blow of DJS in Miami.....

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Postby coach on 02 Jan 2018 16:04

Re: The death blow of DJS in Miami.....

slamminshaun wrote:Here's a snippet of an excellent article in today's NY Times....

That’s because, for the art of, technology has been as much of a disrupter as it has been a boon.

But, how is this different from pretty much every other job?
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Postby TechJunkie on 03 Jan 2018 19:11

Re: The death blow of DJS in Miami.....

pod wrote:That and also so you don't give them repeat traffic.

Are you a member of the "NYTimes Is Evil" club?
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Postby The Honky Tonk Man on 29 Jan 2018 12:32

Re: The death blow of DJS in Miami.....

davenavarro wrote:
coach wrote:Well, have you seen the rest of South Beach? I don't think it is just the clubs. I just walked down Washington Ave and I would guess that at least 2/3rds of the storefronts there are shuttered, especially on the East side. Of course, Lincoln has been like Dolphin Mall for a few years, now, but each month it just gets more so.

Does the shuttering of dozens of businesses indicate the demise of DJs in Miami, or do they both have a different root cause?

That being said, anyone have hotel numbers? I'm curious how that part of the game is going. If it is still going strong, where are all those people going?

Also, we already have a Boca nearby, why do we need another one?

Your commentary about Wharf, "and I expect the big players are secretly watching Emi ready to duplicate it. " is dead on one of the issues afflicting Miami, a significant lack of creativity. There are a few people, like Emi, who will go out and try something new, but very few. Then the vultures hop on and duplicate their idea 100 times. Never works, just results in a glut of the same old, same old, and a lot of bad Yelp reviews. It is not good in the long term.

Sorry Coach, but what is the Wharf doing that is so innovative and new? There used to be a place called Finnegans River that was open on the Miami River for over 5 years. They may not have had food trucks, but the did serve food, and they had a great view of the Miami River. When Finnegans closed down River Yacht Club opened up in the same spot. The Wharf might be doing well now, but let's see how they do in July or August when it's hotter than the Devil's butthole outside.

I went to that Finnegans, it was so poorly done they should have been thrown in jail...
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Postby LeVeL on 31 Jan 2018 11:53

Re: The death blow of DJS in Miami.....

I have been to Wharf a couple of time's in the past month and I like the place. I find the place to be a pre-game spot or a place to go to in the afternoons for a cocktail. The place has a nice view of the Brickell skyline.

As far as the music is concerned its made of up of TOP 40 Pop Hits and some old school tracks. I would not recommend the spot to any music head and if you are looking to hear hot tunes this is not the spot for you.

Its a place where the age group ranges from late 20's to the early 50's. The place is not a threat to any Nightclubs or DJ's whatsoever.

I wonder if they will host any Conference events or have any Guest DJ's in the future?
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Postby pod on 31 Jan 2018 14:27

Re: The death blow of DJS in Miami.....

I doubt anything will happen there for Conference. No reason to really. Conference/MMW has declined and there's no reason for Wharf to compete for a MMW party, in my opinion. Go with what's doing good for you.
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Postby LennyMauricio on 30 Mar 2018 17:51

Re: The death blow of DJS in Miami.....

I lived in Allapattah and had an office in the CIC building....

There is nothing to do there but real estate investors are def moving in especially with the new ross at the old shriners lot near the water (im horrible with Miami addresses)

pod wrote:Earlier this year, I had a gig on the Beach at 1235 Washington Avenue on a Saturday night. It was definitely "season".

Getting from the Podplex up north to the Beach took about fifteen minutes.

I found parking practically in front of the club in about five minutes.

A decade and a half prior, there would have been a traffic jam past 23rd Street, with nothing in particular going on.

You could also conceivably park on 5th Street where the Wells Fargo is now (it used to be a grocery store and the parking lot was leased out at night for club parking) and club hop from the shitty clubs on Death Row all the way up past crobar and maybe end up at Lola or something.

The "beginning of the end" was when Downtown finally started taking itself seriously. Traditional dance clubs died on the Beach because of changing demographics mostly. The new residents weren't into that sort of thing, and thus the Boca-ization began.

Recently, there was a "South Beach Reunion" event. Ironically part of it was held in Wynwood. It was a get-together of the movers and shakers from the early-to-mid 90s. I got here in 97 so I don't count but for some reason I'm in the FB group. Anyways, I was watching the conversation. Most of the people invited or going had to travel in, they didn't live on the Beach anymore. Your average person that we "grew up" with who liked dance clubs, raucous bars, and so on simply doesn't live here anymore. The replacement crowd is not much different than bedroom community dwellers. The grand poobahs of the Beach did nothing to stop it, of course. Sadly they killed the golden goose without finding a real viable replacement. Chain stores don't count.

Downtown, the battle is a little different since it's just about money. Well, the Beach battle was about money too but it was a little more subtle.

Wynwood is next. It's actually kind of "ova" already.

Potential new hangout places are:

• Allapattah

• Little River

• Whatever the part of Miami is that's wedged between Overtown and Downtown
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