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Another Nightclub Space Goes Down

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Postby Wayne S. Noches on 13 Nov 2017 22:15

Another Nightclub Space Goes Down

(Formerly: The Fifth, Ivy, Club Play, Cristal)

Target has signed a lease to open a new store in South Beach.

The company will open a store inside Comras Company’s new three-story, 66,389-square-foot BLVD at Lenox at 527 Lenox Avenue, which will replace a former nightclub.

It will be a smaller-format store, sized at just 33,157 square feet. By comparison, the Fifth & Alton complex next door includes a 44,586-square-foot Publix and a 36,128-square-foot Best Buy.

Based on the lease documents, the retailer is likely planning to sell groceries and have a pharmacy. The terms of the deal prohibit a supermarket, pharmacy, or Amazon-type lockers anywhere else within the new project.

Zyscovich is the project architect.

Update: Target issued a press release confirming the store. Groundbreaking is scheduled for early 2018, with completion in spring 2019.
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Postby TechJunkie on 14 Nov 2017 10:08

Re: Another Nightclub Space Goes Down

Now all we need is a Costco, and then I'll never have to leave the island.
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Postby coach on 22 Nov 2017 14:08

Re: Another Nightclub Space Goes Down

TechJunkie wrote:Now all we need is a Costco, and then I'll never have to leave the island.

Then I won't want to live on it, anymore.

And people wonder why we are getting a lower class tourists. Does the City really think that the well-healed Europeans and South Americans that came when Shadow Lounge was the rage are going to come back to be surrounded by Gap and Target?
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