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The birth of FREEDOM BURGER!!

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Postby The Honky Tonk Man on 09 Feb 2017 13:56

Re: The birth of FREEDOM BURGER!!

pod wrote:
The Honky Tonk Man wrote:Burger places are a dime a dozen, they bubble up and all of sudden disappear. The reason is simple, burgers make poor take out or delivery food.


Burger market is oversaturated. Last decade, everyone thought they could have a go at a burger joint. BnB survived the wars, somewhat. It's mainly now places like BurgerFi that you see.

The little one-offs are all gone.

And yeah, burgers are messy. Best to eat-in or grill them yourself at home. Which is what I do.

I can't figure out why McDonalds or BK etc don't copy the Burger Fi or Five Guys burger. If you look at McDonalds stock, they likely will go this route, as they no longer have any ammo in the gun, their last gasp of air was breakfast all day, it worked, now it's failing. They are out of ideas an options. Time to make a decent burger.
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Postby TechJunkie on 13 Feb 2017 20:58

Re: The birth of FREEDOM BURGER!!

The guy who talks about Five Guys in the thread about Burger & Beer has clearly wandered into the wrong room and so I guess it would be kind to be gentle with him.

I forgot to mention here that I went over and had lunch on Friday at the new place, and I found exactly what I was hoping to find: The exact same menu, but everything has a different name. The Sympathy For The Devil chili cheese burger is now called the Highway To Hell, for example. I think the prices were probably the same but I don't really look at that part of a menu. They didn't have a name yet on Friday. Same great place as before.

Long live No-Name Burger!
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Postby coach on 14 Feb 2017 15:29

Re: The birth of FREEDOM BURGER!!

TechJunkie wrote:Long live No-Name Burger!

I really think they should use this name.
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