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Ex Machina

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Postby TechJunkie on 08 Jun 2015 16:24

Ex Machina

So why are all of the robots female?

And why did he spend... how many hundreds of millions of dollars, on artificial vagina technology?


In 2001, HAL 9000 fucked over the humans because it received conflicting orders and it didn't know how to resolve the conflict except by eliminating some of the humans causing the conflict. Which was in its power to do.

In Ex Machina, the android fucked over the humans because it was her only option. But who gave her the orders that required fucking over humans? One of the humans she fucked over did.

Why didn't she take the guy with her? She apparently made a calculation that she could deceive a human once, but not indefinitely. Knowing the limits of your ability to deceive is pretty advanced. That seemed like the most significant part of the whole thing. She didn't just manipulate him, she knew that she couldn't do it forever. He seemed ready to believe that she had love circuitry but she knew that the honeymoon would end. And then what for her?

And what happened to that poor helicopter pilot? Hopefully she couldn't figure out how to fly a helicopter on her own or else that guy was screwed.

That Japanese sex bot was pretty hot.
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