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Speak & Spell (on crack!)

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Postby Michael^Heaven on 04 Dec 2008 01:05

Speak & Spell (on crack!)


Here we have the classic Speak & Spell. This is the kind that E.T. made famous. Speak & Spell has the largest vocabulary, and therefore, provides the richest variety of bent sounds and glitches. You will get lots of compliments when you break this thing out at your next gig!

All my bent Speaks come with Hand-E-Glow. Ultra-brite blue LEDs, strategically mounted to cast an eerie radioactive blue glow on your hands as you play. The LEDs pulsate in sync with the produced sound.

My typical control layout: A. ¼ Output Jack (for Amplifier), B. Pitch Bend Body Contacts, C. Pitch Bend Knob, D. Glitch Switch, E. Distortion Button, F. Tone Buttons, G. RELEASE Button for RHYTHM Loop, H. Two-Way Loop Switch, I. RELEASE Button for FREEZE Loop, J. Main Power Switch.

I want one! :)
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