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Really neat home-made Ableton controller

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Postby TechJunkie on 26 Mar 2008 11:35

Really neat home-made Ableton controller

This thing is made out of upright arcade game buttons. So neat but not something I'd want to have to stuff into an overhead compartment.

It uses all key commands through a custom driver to handle playback, effects, editing, warping, UI, mouse clicks, scroll messages, and more, with a lot of tweaks (some strobe, some send double messages, etc)



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Postby Philip on 26 Mar 2008 15:48

Re: Really neat home-made Ableton controller

it lacks faders though. you can have a billion off/on buttons controlling a ton of effects, but if you can't gradually increase/decrease your dry/wet, decay, density, gain or feedback its kinna pointless imo

anyways it is clever. ill give him props for building it. you can d/l simple software and turn a lot of stuff into a controller. even a gaming joystick
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