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Audio Soul Project - Hip Shake Heartache : The New Album

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Postby 8DPromo on 14 Jan 2011 10:48

Audio Soul Project - Hip Shake Heartache : The New Album

Artist: Audio Soul Project
Album Release: Hip Shake Heartache
Label: Fresh Meat
Available Now On Digital Download From: Beatport
Also Available Now On Vinyl From Juno Records: FMR40LP1 and FMR40LP2


To listen to previews of tracks from Audio Soul Project’s Hip Shake Heartache click HERE.

"If I don't get it, it's because I don't want it..."

Fresh Meat Records is proud to announce the release of the second Audio Soul Project album, Hip Shake Heartache.  With global attention quickly returning to U.S. House music, the time is perfect for one of Chicago's important working producers, Mazi Namvar, to bring his considerable talents to bear on this sophisticated album of beautiful and original music. Following-up on the acclaimed 2001 album Community (NRK), Mazi wrote, recorded and produced Hip Shake Heartache over the course of a year, working with a cadre of vocalists including Ron Carroll, Alexander East and Nathan Drew Larsen along with seasoned musicians Jimmy Tripp and Richard Gow. This emotional and often bittersweet album is a personal story of old friends, music, treason, relationships, endings and new beginnings -- recounted and fictionalized in the graphic novelette issued contemporaneously herewith. The short story, written by Mazi, was illustrated by local artist Ernesto Perez.

Mazi is one of the most established House producers to come from Chicago and Hip Shake Heartache reflects his deeply rooted history. Mazi began releasing music in 1994 and has created hundreds of original songs and remixes. He DJs all over the world and has been an A&R at several respected record labels including his own Fresh Meat Records, Gourmet Recordings and the much missed Afterhours. His new multifaceted album moves elegantly between deep house, disco and more esoteric workouts - emphasizing Mazi's years of experience in the studio and showcasing his emotional song writing and production style.  He relies heavily on live performance, inventive synthesis, real machine music, creative sampling, and swingy drum programming to capture a vibe that is as dynamic as it is authentically House.

There are five vocal tracks on Hip Shake Heartache including the analog filtered "Good Inside" jacking wholesale sections of music and voice from beloved inspirational compositions of the past. "My Bluff" combines the voice of talented Minneapolis native Alexander East with a tempered electric piano performance by Frenchman Richard Gow. The R&B touched "Have It All Dub" is a brooding affair undulating with subsonic bass and twisting warm synths, coated with space effects. Garage dubs like "Call of Grace" and "Never Go Away" with Carroll and Larsen on vocals, walk that fine line between ‘classic’ and ‘modern’, juxtaposing state of the art production techniques with a mainstay emotional urgency that is the root element of homegrown Chi-town House. "Mnemosyne" and "Asha" are the album’s heaters, delivering on the promise of club minded up-tempo ASP cuts. The freeform "Dig Up”, with Tripp and Gow, slows things down; a beautifully memorable deep jam session.

There is undeniable flow and emotional continuity throughout the album due in part to a conscious choice of developing the songs first as live performances with the three man ASP touring band. Plans are coming together to take the live act and the new music of Hip Shake Heartache on the road, transforming many of these initially live performances turned to studio recordings back into improvisational, spontaneous moments meant for a real time dancing audience.



Luna City Express - Mazi is the man! Great LP! Hard to find a favorite, but "Have It All Dub" and "Shadow Around Them" stick out for me.
Soul Clap - My Bluff is our pick here. Chi-Town stand up!
Simon Baker - Mnemosyne is nice!
Mark August - Nice grooves, good production work. I like Mnemosyne, My Bluff and Call of Grace.
Tony Humphries - Audio Soul Project rocks! This album is dope, big support from us!
D’Julz - Great LP. Pure class.
Jay Tripwire - i love this! It's a perfect blend of modern soul, deep house and cutting edge production. Every single track carefully detailed into that Mazi set of true influences that give the gift that keeps on influencing. I think this is a masterpiece of quality house grooves.
Johnny Fiasco - Back to basics and really fricking spot on!!
Derrick Carter - Good on ya Mazi!
Dubble D / Moodymanc - Quality runs throughout....all the best with it!
Giom - This is awesome, and very NOW. Superb production all around too, Mazi is becoming my favorite producer! Thank you for this guys, full support.
DJ Mes - Refreshing and inspiring! Tuff to pick a favorite. I'm really digging this entire album. I'll be rocking a lot of these for sure! Thanks so much for the promo.
Hans Thalau - Love the whole package. Great stuff Mazi!! Cheers from Stuttgart.
Deepchild (Berghain / Berlin) - BANG ON! Brilliant, warm and gorgeous. Top marks!
Sasse - On a first listen it all sounds very nice and well put together, my favorites being "My Buff", "Good Inside" and "Call of Grace" - but I think there´s some hidden gems as well here...production is amazing as expected, really feeling the vibe - great album!
Harri (Sub Club) - These are great, long time since I have heard an album of house music this good. Hard to pick out a standout they are all so good.
Anthony Collins - Nice album.
Hector Romero (SAW Recordings) - Fantastic Hip Shakin' LP - just proper HOUSE! LOVE IT.
Michael Black (Power FM) - Beautiful piece of work! Lots of standout tracks so very difficult to pick one. Shadow Around Them, Good Inside and Asha will rock dancefloors for sure! Thanks!
Norbert Borchers (House Sound of Hamburg) - Very nice LP!
Tuomas "Phonogenic" Salmela - Really nice album! Super tight production all the way! Very well done indeed! Mnemosyne is just a killer groover. Damn! My Bluff sounds just like it's supposed to. Call of Grace is super deep shiz. I can dig it!
Jean Jerome (FG DJ Radio) - A fuckin' nice meltin' pot here! Good album.
Master H - Nice like the funkiness in this album ..congrats Audio Soul!
Scope - More versatile styles from Mr Mazi. Plenty to choose from and enjoy here!
Luke Solomon - Me likey this mucho.
Franck Roger - Dig Up is the one for me!
Atnarko - Really nice my man. Well done!! Plenty of really good music here. Total fan!
Florian Kruse - Big fun by skipping through all these pralines! Need some time to check them all out - first impression is very good! Thanks Mazi for sharing your feelings! I know that producing an album is a big thing and you have to spend a lot of heart blood and time.
Shur-I-Kan - Enjoyed listening to this - good selection of styles and all very well produced.
C-Rock - Fat tracks, wicked release! Thanx for sending!
Mijk Van Dijk - Already a classic! Hard to pick a favorite. I'll go for "Asha", also big love for "Never Go Away" "Have It All Dub" "Dig Up" and "Good Inside". Thank you for the music.
Slam - Very much liking these. Thanks guys.
Soul Minority - Awesome album!
Milton Jackson - Wow! Sounding amazing here guys, difficult to ingest a full album in a preview session but on first listen I'm really liking Have It All Dub and My Bluff, nice one!
Karotte (Cocoon Club) - Good album. I like it. Full support!
Dave Seaman - A nice selection of cool house grooves.
Nick Warren - Excellent + groovy all the way.
MANIK - Seriously great job, Mazi. Really feeling this LP. Shadow Around Them & My Buff are probably my faves, but what I like about this LP is that it tells a story and sets itself apart from the masses. Thats my style for sure, so great work guys!
Olivier Desmet - Best house album of 2010 by far, an instant classic. People will be playing this 20 years from now. Simply breathtaking!
Doc Martin - A very good LP with lots of cuts to play out. Will support for sure!
Q-Burns Abstract Message - Great work here. It's all top notch quality but it seems things really let loose at the last half of the album. The final three songs are particularly stunning and are the ones I'll be playing. Way into it, thanks!
Luis Baro (All About, NYC) - The album has depth, it took me two listens to feel your vibe. Being a huge fan of the first album the expectation was high. I feel you delivered the goods, wonderful job.
Still Rob G (OM Records / Endup / Mighty) - Stellar LP! A nice mix of deep, tech and disco cuts - every track reeks of class.
Motorcitysoul - Feeling this.
Kev O'Brien - Absolutely stunning LP from one of house music's true unsung heroes. Unrelenting and powerful (Asha), yet submissive and playful when it wants to be (Shadow Around Them).. Hip Shake Heartache is an arsenal of heavy artillery, good for every moment on the dance floor. Pure genius, that Mazi is!
Alexander Maier (Mood Music / Buzzin' Fly) - Outstanding album! Superb house.
Paco Osuna - Have It All Dub is hot! Thanks.
Kate Simko - Can't wait to hear the whole album! Just listening thru the tracks, it's obvious that this is a true artist album - care taken on each track, and a consistent vibe throughout. Great artwork too. Congrats, Mazi- super nice work!
Charles Webster - My Bluff best here 4 me...nice and soulful..thanks.
Joshua IZ - 5/5 I never give out 5 stars but this album is so full of good it hurts! Mazi. Full support.
Renato Cohen - What a great album! Good inside will rock!
Art of Tones - Wow...from the first listens, it sounds like a solid album! Call of Grace is still my favorite! Full Support!
The Timewriter - This is one beautiful album. Guess it's difficult to spot a favorite track since I feel that an album needs time to grow on you. But on the first listen "Call Of Grace" ,"Dig Up" and "Have It All Dub" definitely caught my soul. Yet again excellent work from Mazi.
Alland Byallo - Go Mazi! This is exactly what a House album should sound like. Never Go Away and Have It All Dub are the standout cuts for me, but it's so hard to pick considering all the gem's on this stunning album!
Kiko Navarro - Wow! This is a great album, for sure will play some of the tracks which will burn the floors! Congrats Mazi for a very good work.
Joshua Collins - What an LP! Really like Mnemosyne, Have It All Dub, Good Inside, My Bluff, Call Of Grace... wait, the whole LP for that matter. Not often you get this many amazing tracks on an album - NICE!
Dirt Crew - Wow! Really cool album! Will play a lot of the tunes! Well done.
Tres Manos - So excited to receive this! Every single track hits the right spot.. Even if they are different spots! As always...Fresh Meat is putting out the jams!
Nacho Marco - YES ! YES ! YES ! What a nice work from Mr. Mazi, absolutely into it. Will be supporting it in my next gigs, radio shows.

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